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Basic Arguments

Basic Arguments Poor countries export primary commodities to the rich countries who then manufacture products out of those commodities and sell them back to the poorer countries (unequal exchange) The “Value Added” by manufacturing to a usable product is much higher than that to the primary products used to create those products. (raw material vs finished products,: agriculture vs industry) ... Devamını Oku »


ALLIANCES DURING COLD WAR HOW THE GERMANS USED THEIR ALLIANCES DURING THE COLD WAR? East Germany and West Germany also used super powers forexample west germany was taking money from America and they said that;If you don’t give us more money ,we will be communist . at the same time;east germany did same thing  to USSR.This is important example for ... Devamını Oku »

How can States Achieve Power?

How can States Achieve Power? By the states own means;population,industrialization,science,technology.By alliances; All alliances ara conditional.Especially their interests are very important Acoording to realists,military power is the most important thing.Economic power has got secondly impostance. international relations Devamını Oku »