Etiket Arşivi: asymmetries of interdependence

Asymmetries of Interdependence

Asymmetries of Interdependence Keohane and Nye When one country needs an IO less than another, it will have relatively more power in creating and managing it. In the case of the World Bank, for example, some countries primarily put money into the organization, and others primarily borrow from it. The borrowers, for the most part, need the organization more than ... Devamını Oku »

Power in International Organizations

Power in International Organizations Power can be expressed in negotiations and in the setting of agendas The most straightforward expression of state power in the creation of IOs and multilateral rules is negotiating power. Negotiating power can be thought of as the direct use of power by a state in managing an 10. Some states like tne US has more negotiating power ... Devamını Oku »