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Highest stage of capitalism

Highest stage of capitalism Lenin argued that the character of capitalism defined by Marx had changed. Capitalism entered into a new stage, which is the highest stage of capitalism. Capitalism developed such that oligopolies and monopolies controlled the key sectors of the economy taking over smaller firms, thus need for overseas markets. As markets expanded they needed more economic in ... Devamını Oku »

Main characteristics of capitalism

Main characteristics of capitalism For Marx everything involved in production (raw materials, machines, labor and the commodities themselves) is given an exchange value, and all can be exchanged, one for the other. Under capitalism, everything has its price, including people’ working time. Factors of production is owned by one class; capitalists. As the capitalist class owns the factors of production, ... Devamını Oku »

Marx’s focus on class analysis

Marx’s focus on class analysis He considered capitalism as an economic system full of contradictions or internal tensions. These tensions can be resolved only by transformation into a socialist mode of production. For Marx, capitalism is full of such contradictions that working class will overtake capitalist class. In this way, classless communist society will be created,.Thus, capitalism includes mechanism which ... Devamını Oku »

Walierstein and Anarchy

Walierstein and Anarchy Wailerstein recognizes the importance of anarchy. For the realist, it enables one to examine international political stability, war, and balance of power politics. For the Globalists, anarchy facilitates the deveiopment and expansion of world capitalism because no singie state can control the entire worid economy. The result is an economic division of labor involving a core, periphery ... Devamını Oku »