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Decolonization -Started at the end of WWII -Not caused by the cold war,but happened at the same time.why do you think decolonization was inevitable? -After the second world war,Europe was in a bad situation.they couldn’t maintain own unity so how can they control other?At this time us has got dilemma because of decolonization.America supported self-determination,democracy,freedom but France,England,Portugal have got colonies.after ... Devamını Oku »

Self help situation

Self help situation It is dangerous to place the security of one’s own country in the hands of others.Security dilemma;Even if a state is arming for defensive purposes it is rational in a self-help system to assume the worst.May be all states want peace,but anarchical nature of the international relations system makes them to be suspicious of each other.Security dilemma ... Devamını Oku »

Hobbes and Security Dilemma

Hobbes and Security Dilemma Security dilemma,a states want to have confidence especially military power is increased.Other state is uncomfortable for this situation.ıt alsı increases power.Because 2 states don’t know purpose of each other.So there are fear and uncomfortable.Two states don’t know about how will they use power.Later conflicts are formed.There is security dilemma so there isn’t possibility of forming a ... Devamını Oku »

Challanges to liberal perspective

Challanges to liberal perspective Pluralism Neo-realists argue that states cooperate through institutions but they do it for their own interest institutions are subject to state. Whether there is a democracy, or not.For neo-realists , as long as there is anarchy ,there is no escape from self-help and security dilemma. international relations Devamını Oku »