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Benefits of free trade

Critique to the liberal argument on the benefits of free trade Globalists critize David Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage theory: ‘each country is endowed with local resources, material, cultural and geographical conditions. Thus, international trade promotes specialization and mutual benefits’.Globalists argue that British and the later-comers like the US, Russia, Germany and Japan all favored idustrialization behind protective tariff barriers. These countries ... Devamını Oku »

Free Trade

Free Trade The Hegemons like the United Kingdom and the United States used the hegemonic ides of free trade. Their claim that this system benefits everyone has been so widely accepted thai it has attained “common sense” Status. However, free trade benefits the hegemonic power as it is the most efficient producer in the global economy, and it can produce goods which are ... Devamını Oku »

Liberal universalism of the enlightenment period

Liberal universalism of the enlightenment period The focus is on how the cooperation among Republican states, free trade and mutual interdependence lead to perpetual peace and internatioal harmony. Focus on the individual , rationality , progressive history and positivist science. Bourgeoisie emerged as a new class and supported the ideas of the Enlightenment such as the autonomy of the individual ... Devamını Oku »