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Question of sovereignty

The universalist answer to the question of sovereignty The universalist approach argues that globalization is undermining state sovereignty. As International Relations make rules that reflect global civil society, states have less autonomy to make rules domestically that are in contrast to international norms. By the same logic, globalization also undermines external sovereignty, as International Relations, NGOs, and other representatives of ... Devamını Oku »

Globalization can undermine external sovereignty

Globalization can undermine external sovereignty Globalization can undermine externa! sovereignty by loosening the monopoly of the sovereign state system on international political activity. This argument suggests that when the International Relations get more decision-making autonomy, private actors such as NGOs have more power to participate in international policy-making, and thus the traditional state system becomes weaker. international relations Devamını Oku »

Two different approaches

The relation between globalization, International Organizations and sovereignty Two different approaches International organizations can be seen as the agents through which states are promoting the forces of globalization. According to this view, International Relations are helping to undermine the traditional state system. International Relations can be seen as the agents that states are using to protect themselves from the broader forces of ... Devamını Oku »

Globalization approach

Globalization approach This approach argues that economic developments like changes in the production structure, advances in digital network and information technologies, the expansion of foreign direct investment (FDI), cross border mergers and acquisitions, world wide subcontracting and outsourcing, the increasing role of the multinational corporations in the world economy, namely globalization is limiting the ability of states to make independent ... Devamını Oku »