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Focus on general will and common interests

Focus on general will and common interests Rousseau believed that human interdependence makes order a necessity;the choice is between an order that serves the interests of only some sections of the population and one that is designed to further those aspects of human life in which the benefits of cooperation give rise to common interests. international relations Devamını Oku »

Interdependence and Realism

Interdependence and Realism For realists dependent party is vulnerable to the choices of the dominant party.Interdependence doesn’t mean equality.For realists to reduce this vulenerability it is better  for the state to be independent.Realists argue that the maintenance of Access oil and natural resources is essential to national security.Maintaining Access to oil supplies was a care objective of international relations to ... Devamını Oku »

The role of interdependence

The role of interdependence Throughout history states sought power by means of military force and territorial expansion ,but for industrialized countries economic development and foreign trade are more important and less costly for achieving prosperity Industrialized countries like Japan and Germany refrained from high military expenditure and economic self – sufficiency instead they focused on trade and increased interdependence Liberals ... Devamını Oku »

Complex interdependence and transnationalism

Complex interdependence and transnationalism The world had become more pluralistic in terms of actors involved and these actors become more dependet each other –Increasing linkages between states and non-state actors –No distinction between high and low politics –Multiple channels for integration among actors across national boundaries. –Decline of the importance of military force .Force will not be of primary importance. ... Devamını Oku »

Rise of liberal perspective (pluralism)

Rise of liberal perspective (pluralism) By the ealy 1970s ,Liberalism had mounted a significant challenge to realism. It focused on new actors (multinational organizations ,non governmental organizations) and new patterns of interaction (interdependence integration) key factor included; The decline of US economic hegemony The rise in the number and influence of non-state actors Increased levels of international cooperation in economics,cultural ... Devamını Oku »